Essential Photos for New Travel Writing
Posted on November 3, 2015


It is a secret law that new travel writing or psycho-geography has stringent requirements for its photos. No beauty or fine composition allowed.  If you require visuals for your new work, the motifs in this list will bring the right feel: cigarette-ash tone aesthetics in an age of austerity.

Motorway junction, one small human on a bridge.

Lane lined with ditches and mechanically-alike trees pinched to a central vanishing point.

Drainage reen, small derelict pump-house optional, if none available, single rusting handrail.

Wire grille, pigeon droppings on sill.


A large empty building once of substance, now demolished.

A fish, gloomy or antique.

Ornamental clockwork device no longer in use, provenance unknown.

Coastal landslip with pillbox overhanging freshly exposed boulder clay.

Victorian ancestor with unreadable face: died in jail awaiting trial, posthumously exonerated.

Papers on leather-top desk in brown loose files stacked in unstable towers.

Estuary (empty).

Rooftop view of ventilation cowls.

Shingle, one deckchair, occupant’s face obscured.

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