Guadalajara Book Fair
Posted on December 14, 2015
Back from Latin America's biggest book fair, and my first.  Guadalajara has a large and beautiful Colonial centre with most of the traffic diverted away from the old plazas, so it's mercifully quiet (Mexico does noise very enthusiastically).  We had breakfast in the cafe of the old Teatro Degollado talking to the very well-informed Elmer, who when he produced his card, turned out to be a private investigator. The fair was an excellent opportunity to meet writers and people in the writing and publishing industries from all over the world.  I even met fellow writer of place Iain Sinclair for the first time - even though he only lives at the other end of the Central Line.  Many thanks to the British Council for funding me and fellow writers and small publishers to be there and represent Wales.  The state of Hidalgo is promoting links with fellow-Celts, the Cornish, and it is good to be building on links with Jalisco, home of the sombrero, mariachi and tequila; you can't get much more Mexican than that.  Check up on their work at
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